A new solution for your headaches when packing

I've traveled a lot in my previous career – usually alone. When I arrived at the finish, I hardly spent time caring for "my things". After a long working day, I usually returned to the hotel late in the evening and fell directly into bed. The next morning I got up a little early to iron my clothes for the day. Using this type of plan required very little energy for packaging or unpacking. I took a toilet bag in my suitcase and put it in the bathroom. Done – unpacked.

Also, when I was young, I had to hear the story of spiders in the hotel drawers, which is one of the reasons I think I have never unwrapped. I had the idea that if I put my clothes in the drawers, the spiders would fill them up, then I would wear my clothes and then the spiders would crawl all over me – rough! I'm over it, but now I'm still shaking when I'm thinking about it.

When I travel with my family, change is needed. I know it's hard to believe. My experience with children, at least with my children, is that one cannot live efficiently from a suitcase.

Issue 1: It seems that all clean clothes mix with dirty clothes.

Issue 2: They can't remember what they wear and end up wearing the same thing for several days. "Didn't I see you yesterday?"

Issue 3: Usually there is more than one child in the trunk. When they start looking for their stuff, the other stuff is thrown aside. Where? Who knows? Let the hunt begin.

My Solutions – Expand all my items upon arrival. Yes, it's a move away from my traditional way of working and it took me to get used to how it could work for you. Believe me, it's much easier and we didn't have any spider incidents (yet … shake).

The best way to start this process is to pack. Try to pack similar things together. I put all our swimsuits in one place. I gave all the kids & # 39; underwear, socks and pajamas in one section. I put my husband and underwear, socks and pajamas in a separate section. I treat him like my drawers at home.

Now that I get to the hotel and open the suitcases, it's as if my drawers have already been set up. All swimsuit stuff goes into one drawer. Children's underwear, socks and pajamas go to socket number two. My husband and my underwear, socks and pajamas are going to another drawer. And so on and so on. I do the same with the toys, infant things, etc. that I brought.

Of course, the bathroom toiletries and hangers hang up immediately; although I still need to iron them, I hang them up. This will help save my drawer space because there are usually not so many things to do. I defend children who share a swimming drawer and underwear drawer to save space. However, if possible, I give them my own drawer for their actual clothes. This tends to save money in combat. If there is no more space, then everyone sucks. Usually, it is best that my husband and I split up and shared with one of the children. Then there is no problem with accidental carrying of children. Also, clothing tends to fit better (small and large clothes in one drawer as opposed to all larger garments in the same drawer).

The next very important step is to create a place where dirty clothes will go. This is very important because all dirty clothes are in one place at the end of the journey. I will pack them separately from clean clothes (if any) and save myself some washing on my return – a bonus! Try it on your next journey and I'm sure I'll be happy with the results.