Explore Oregon – from Portland to Salem

Oregon's diverse landscape, from rugged coasts to cold mountain pine forests, is the most challenging part of a Oregon visit when deciding what to do first! If you're working on a golf swing, you'll find miles of lush courses overlooking the jaw. For harsh adventurers, hikes to the back of the country far from the […]

Travel requirements for Dubai

If you are reading this article, you have a good chance of planning a visit to Dubai, a beautiful city located in the United Arab Emirates. Before you plan your holiday in Dubai, you need to know what the travel requirements for Dubai are. In this article I will mention some things you need to […]

Banyugan Beach on Boracay – review

This is another private beach I have visited, next to Lapuz Lapuz beach. There are many similarities between the two beaches: just like Lapuz Lapuz Beach, Banyugan Beach is an expensive five-star hotel resort located in a very separate area of ​​Boracay where you can enjoy complete privacy and exclusion from the rest of the […]

Discover the magic of Phang Nga Thailand

Giddy with enthusiasm when you decided to break up Phang nga Thailand? Before you set out on a journey, make sure you enjoy the most by knowing the bits and pieces about the various attractions that excellent destinations offer. Whether it's beach and island attractions (ideal to visit later in November-April) Phang nga Thailand or […]

Avoid boredom in the Maldives

I regularly make calls from potential clients wishing to visit the Maldives, but I am afraid it will distract them for more than a week. As you may know, the Maldives are predominantly small untouched and natural islands offering guests the opportunity to experience the world largely untouched by commercialism, so many clients feel that […]

Draw of Mexico Vacation Finally begins to hit

Over the past few months, major US publications, such as the New York Times, have issued warnings about the war that drug lords in Mexico have declared to be the civilian population of the country. The war reportedly recorded 10,000 lives lost each year in the last four years. But despite regular reports of mass […]