Bali – the perfect place to enjoy your dream vacation

Bali is everything you can hope for on vacation. Staying in one of the luxury hotels in Bali is blissful. The island offers a plate of all good things, from beaches to temples and paddy fields. Choose one of the hotels in Bali and you are delighted.


  • If you are on the beaches, do not miss the beach Seminyak, Kuta and Sanur. On these beaches you can explore the possibilities of surfing, swimming and partying. Seminyak has a lot of elegant retail stores, bars etc., and is one of the most visited beaches in town! If you are also looking for luxury accommodation from many hotels in Bali, you should choose Seminyak. Many luxury hotels in Bali are located in Seminyak.
  • Are you interested in temples? Bali is the right place for you. Bali is full of temples and you could choose some, if not all, to visit. One of the most visited temples is Tanah Lot, which is located on a rock and offers stunning views of water, sunrise and greenery. It is 45 minutes' drive from Kuta. Closer to Seminyak is Pura Petitenget, where some interesting ceremonies take place on the beach. Uluwatu is another stunning temple and you can capture a show of Ramayana. The temple is also near the famous monkey forest, which is full of macaques.
  • You cannot visit Bali and explore the Ubud area, which is the cultural directorate of the island. You can explore many temples, museums, volcanoes and rafting on the Agung River. Also visit the villages and the lush green paddy field that Bali is famous for.
  • If you choose one of the luxury hotels in Bali, you should not miss the spa experience. Bali is known worldwide for its massage therapies. The 5-star hotel in Bali is bound to offer many packages. One of the therapies is called Mandi Lulur, which is all about peeling and softening the skin. Experience a nice Balinese massage and you are all ready to climb the island for the next day of adventure, shopping and exploring.
  • If you are in one of the hotels in Bali, you can also taste the rich cuisine of the island. Try the island's famous food, from tiger prawns to a range of seafood dishes cooked with the best Balinese spices. Enjoy an exotic dinner overlooking the ocean in the light of candles and sip some of the best cocktails your restaurant has to offer! Bali is a good and really great sensory experience, especially if you are staying in one of the luxury hotels.

The best time to visit Bali is from April to October. Pack your bags and head to Bali!