Draw of Mexico Vacation Finally begins to hit

Over the past few months, major US publications, such as the New York Times, have issued warnings about the war that drug lords in Mexico have declared to be the civilian population of the country. The war reportedly recorded 10,000 lives lost each year in the last four years. But despite regular reports of mass graves, public gunfights, horrible beheadings and kidnappings, somehow it was too tempting to resist American college students on spring break, cheap beer draw, multi-year sun, sand and surfing. No wonder parents let their children go on a journey – they read news every day as they do that one or the other capital city in the country witnesses dozens of murders every day. But it seems that 40,000 lost lives are what will make people finally sit down and notice. The idea of ​​cheap holidays in Mexico has finally begun to hit.

But even so, the intervention was relatively modest. American Express reported in the Wall Street Journal that there was a 15% drop in tourists requesting to go to Mexico. Mazatlán, an important beach resort in Mexico, has seen only three major cruise lines that completely discharged the city from its itinerary. The Texas government warns college students about how to tackle fever in drug warfare like Acapulco and Cancun – which are serious bottlenecks for drug violence. On the other hand, the Mexican Tourism Council calls all these Americans' fears quite ridiculous and misinformed. When a government warning says college students in Texas must "avoid traveling to Mexico during the spring break and stay alive", it might be somewhat understandable that the Mexican government might be interested in their tourism.

Is it even required? Perhaps all the violence in Mexico was stuck in the crossfire of Mexican civilians. Are American tourists participating in the resorts and tourist areas surrounding them sure to be safe? Well, that's what 110 American tourists who died last year in Mexico thought. However, the government estimates that most of these "tourists" were actually drug traffickers or something. But even if a tourist is on vacation in Mexico from Mexico alive, street mugging and other minor drug-related crimes can often be overwhelming. Tourists are also given other warnings that could make a little fun out of a holiday in Mexico – warnings that you should never drink any drink that is not open right in front of you, that you should never travel around sunset and you should prefer travel in groups.

Is it, after all, the idea of ​​a holiday in Mexico? Look at it this way – Starwood opens two new hotels in Mexico; and Hilton opens six new hotels. Their confidence in Mexico's overcoming of its problems is strong or convinced that Americans do not care.