Avoid boredom in the Maldives

I regularly make calls from potential clients wishing to visit the Maldives, but I am afraid it will distract them for more than a week. As you may know, the Maldives are predominantly small untouched and natural islands offering guests the opportunity to experience the world largely untouched by commercialism, so many clients feel that after a few days of peace and relaxation they are ready to try something else. Enter the Multi Center Holiday! There are several airlines that fly both to the UK and to one of the surrounding destinations in the Maldives, so combining both places on one vacation saves money on flights and has the advantage of feeling like you are on two holidays.

Maldives and Dubai – Emirates Airlines are UAE national airlines and are conveniently located in Dubai, halfway between the United Kingdom and the Maldives. All Emirates Airlines flights stop in and out of Dubai on the way back to the Maldives, giving passengers the opportunity to stop by and experience what they have to offer. Flights from the UK are from Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick and Heathrow to Dubai and take approximately 6 hours before connecting to the Maldives, a short 4 hours away.

Dubai offers a completely different experience from the Maldives, and although you can beat the beaches in the Maldives, it has a lot to offer and is worth a short stop, especially if you are flying to the airport. Dubai is an artificial, vibrant, high-rise town on the beach. It is full of hotels of all standards, restaurants, bars and unsurpassed levels of customer service. The hotels were compared to the fa├žade in Las Vegas because they were trying so much to offer something other than the neighboring hotel and competitor. More importantly, Dubai is an eclectic blend of Western and Arab culture and customs.

Maldives and Sri Lanka – Although close to the Maldives, Sri Lanka is a world separate from these small, pristine islands. Sri Lanka is the same size as Ireland and is full of wildlife and beautiful scenery with a rich history.

You can choose to stay on one of Sri Lanka's beaches and experience a change in culture, or combine the Maldives with a Sri Lankan safari – wildlife is especially great here in Yala National Park, the famous tiger, or maybe take a classic Sri Lankan car and driver tour consider all the peaks of this largely untouched country. It is important to check the website of the foreign office to keep up with the problems that have occurred in the very north of Sri Lanka. It's not an area that benefits from tourism, but by reading the website of a foreign office you & # 39; I get the current picture. Sri Lankan Airlines operates a direct 12-hour service between Heathrow and the Maldives several times a week, as well as a daily service between Heathrow and Colombo which lasts approximately 9 hours and Colombo and the Maldives another 2 hours which make Sri Lanka and the Maldives very attractive combination. It is also a very effective way to extend your holiday from 10 nights to 14 nights, because accommodation in Sri Lanka is half the price of accommodation in the Maldives, allowing you to add a few extra days for very little money.

Maldives and Kerela – long sandy beaches, picturesque spices and tea plantations. Extensive and fascinating shoulders describe the idyllic coastal state of Kerela. Kerela is renowned, although in India there is therapeutic expertise in Ayurvedic procedures and most hotels have an excellent spa.

Maldives and Bangkok, – Here you have the opportunity to connect Thailand with the Maldives. Bangkok represents the exoticism of the East, a living blend of antiquity and modernity. Bangkok has retained its traditional charm amid discos, bars, neighboring markets and heavy traffic. Exotic city with glittering temples, culture and warmth.

Maldives and Singapore – Based in Colombo, halfway between these two destinations, Sri Lankan Airlines offers excellent service from Heathrow to the Maldives and Singapore, giving you the chance to connect the Maldives with the garden city. A busy mix of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian racial cultures and cuisines. Singapore offers great shopping, plenty of sightseeing spots and a variety of restaurants to choose from.

A great tip when planning your trip is to look at the map where the Maldives are located, it is likely that neighboring countries will operate flights to and from it, so logistically possible and if the price is important then choose where the aircraft must stop is always a good bet.